Scout Camp “Rostiolo”: Reservations

Scout Camp Reservation


The Base is available for:

1. AGESCI Section, with some priority for groups from Liguria and for regional activities.

2. Scout groups of other scout associations, including national and international ones.

3. Other associations with similar structure to AGESCI and which have a supervisor in person.

As it was said before, for associations that are not scout it is required the presence of a supervisor and in each case the approval of the Manager of the Base.

There are some exeptions for the period of reservation possible for foreign scout groups which are indicated in the rules and which are adapted to international standarts.


You can make your reservation filling in the online booking form



Reservations for summer period are not available ​​before:

AGESCI Liguria Groups  – October 1st, previous year

Groups outside of Liguria – December 1st, previous year

AGESCI Liguria Section – December 1st, previous year

Other sections – January 7th, current year


For summer period the reservations of the houses have to be made for the whole weeks and have to start / end on Sundays at lunch time in order to give an opportunity to make a camp to as many groups as possible and to organize better arrivals and departures. If you have any needs or questions please fill in the field “NOTE” in the online booking form.

The assignments are made in order of arrival of the applications, starting from the dates indicated above.  In case we receive more requests on the same day the draw will take place among the contenders (there will be taken in consideration the dates of incoming fax or mail, the date of postage stamp or the date of delivery at the office).

Applications received before the days mentioned above will be considered reached in the opening days of the reservation. As soon as possible the administrators will communicate you about the availability of the Base for the dates requested so to have a possibility to modificate the dates according to the vacant periods.